Pippa became interested in multi-device digital publishing in 2010 and was a pre-release participant in Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite, creating an interactive iPad magazine about self sufficiency as part of her final major university project.


Client: Zephyr

URL: www.wearezephyr.com

Output: iPad and Android tablet devices

As a freelance developer, Pippa worked with the London-based brand communications agency Zephyr in 2013 to design and build the interactive iPad/Android annual report app for the World Trade Organization. Using Adobe InDesign and Digital Publishing Suite, it is available from the App Store/Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore. It includes:


  • Vertical scrolling text frames
  • Horizontal scrolling text and image frames
  • Hyperlinks to external websites
  • In-app hyperlinks
  • Slideshows
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Multi-State Objects with buttons: interactive maps, pop up graphs, pop up text boxes
  • Pull tabs
  • Pinch and zoom charts


Click here for further information and to download it onto your tablet.

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