Pippa has numerous years' experience in the publishing industry, enjoying roles such as Group Editor for a corporate communications agency in Dubai, Books Editor for one of the Middle East’s leading publishers and Managing Editor/Designer of her own small UK publishing business.


She is currently the Production Director of WR magazine, the quarterly heritage, culture and lifestyle magazine for Worcestershire. She is responsible for producing the magazine – a broad remit – which includes a raft of duties from editorial commissioning and the design and lay out of editorial pages and adverts, to sourcing images, pre-press activities and delivery of final press-ready PDFs to the printers.







Pippa has a thorough understanding of typographical design elements, enabling her to balance the visual structure between content and images. As well as proofreading or editing (if required), and eliminating orphans and widows as she lays out a document, Pippa considers colour contrast, the use of serif or sans serif fonts, their variety, size and weight; leading, kerning and the use of white space, which all adds to the credibility, consistency and visual appeal of the final product.

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