Brief: Create a piece of graphic design which communicates a personal theme connected with Hereford.

Client: university project

Output: A4

The rationale behind the picture is:

Whenever Pippa visited Hereford to attend college, she needed to have several £1 coins with her, primarily for parking. Therefore, £1 coins to her WERE Hereford, so she retouched this image she took to reflect this.

Client: self initiated

Fusion photos. A really fun project! With the camera on a tripod, Pippa took a number of individual photos and retouched them in Adobe Photoshop so that it appears the subjects are interacting with themselves.

Client: Blueberry Homes

Output: A2 canvas

Retouched image of the Altenbrook apartments in Hale, Cheshire. Above, the original image and below, the finished version. This job took quite a long time to complete, with branches and leaves to remove, a new sky to add, scaffolding and cars to remove and new windows and garage doors to create on the left of the building.

© Pippa Sanderson 2019


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